Nightlife in Bogota, Colombia

nightlife in bogota

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Exploring the nightlife in Bogota offers an array of exciting and diverse options. From rooftop bars to vibrant clubs, there’s something for every taste. Here are some of the top bars and clubs in Bogotá, each with its unique charm:

Best Bars in Bogota

Vista Corona

Perched atop the Salvio Parque 93 aparthotel, Vista Corona is not just a bar, it’s a rooftop paradise offering stunning views of Bogotá’s skyline. This spacious venue blends indoor and outdoor settings seamlessly, surrounded by greenery and natural elements. Linked with the Mexican beer Corona, it offers an array of beers, crafted cocktails, wines, and Mexican bites. The ambience here is a mix of urban chic and natural tranquillity, making it a perfect spot to unwind.

BrewPub Rooftop

BrewPub Rooftop, Colombia’s highest brewery, is situated on the 11th floor of Tower 123 in Usaquén, 42 meters above the street. This unique venue combines a bar and restaurant experience, offering panoramic views of Bogotá. The menu is diverse, featuring everything from prime cuts of meat to Peruvian food and burgers. While the house brews are a must-try, the selection of crafted cocktails and wine is equally impressive​​.

Apache at Click Clack Hotel

Apache, located atop the modern Click Clack Hotel near Parque 93, is renowned for its 360-degree vistas of Bogotá. This rooftop burger bar serves some of the city’s best burgers, along with classic cocktails, inspired by 1950’s American comics. The ambience is cool and vibrant, enhanced with live DJ performances from Wednesday to Saturday, making it a sought-after spot for both dining and nightlife​​.

The Rooftop 127

The Rooftop 127, on the 8th floor of Hotel Black in Usaquén, is an urban and trendy rooftop restaurant and lounge. With its stylish bar and covered terrace, equipped with comfy sofas, it offers cool views over the rooftops and mountains. The menu features a variety of snacks like mini hamburgers and tacos, and a wide range of drinks, crafted cocktails, and spirits, creating a modern lounge atmosphere​​.


O.D.E.M. is a trendy rooftop beer garden in Chapinero, known for its views of the Lourdes Cathedral. This multi-level venue combines a stylish indoor lounge and an open-air rooftop. The bar serves a wide selection of Colombian craft beers, along with international options, cocktails, and bar bites like burgers and tacos. Its popularity among locals makes it a vibrant spot for weekend rooftop fun​​.

Bogota Beer Company (BBC)

BBC is a staple of Bogotá’s craft beer scene, known for its range of locally brewed beers and a pub-like ambience. It’s a place where you can relax and enjoy a taste of Colombia’s brewing culture in a laid-back setting. The interiors are warmly decorated, creating an inviting atmosphere that’s perfect for casual gatherings and beer enthusiasts alike.

Best Clubs in Bogota

El Coq

El Coq is a standout destination for nightlife enthusiasts in Bogotá. Known for its sophisticated atmosphere, this club attracts a chic crowd and is a hub for electronic music lovers. The club’s interior is stylishly designed, creating an immersive experience. El Coq frequently hosts renowned DJs, making it a prime spot for those seeking a high-energy night out.

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Kaputt offers a unique and eclectic nightlife experience in Bogotá. With its vibrant atmosphere and diverse music selection, it’s a popular choice among both locals and visitors. The club is known for its lively ambience and features a variety of music genres, ensuring a dynamic and memorable night for its patrons.


Theatron, located in Chapinero Central, is the city’s largest gay club and a melting pot of diverse crowds. This sprawling venue spans five floors, offering an all-you-can-drink experience. Theatron is famous for its lively atmosphere and varied music across its floors, making it a go-to spot for anyone looking for an unforgettable night out​​.

Gaira Café

Gaira Café in Parque 93 is a hotspot for salsa enthusiasts and features live fusion music. Known for its high-energy salsa dancing and upscale vibe, it’s a bit pricier than other spots but worth it for the quality of music and dance. The café becomes especially lively after 11:30 pm, attracting a mix of locals and tourists alike​​.

Andres Carne de Res

Located in Chía, Andres Carne de Res offers an authentic Colombian party experience. The club is famous for its unique and eclectic ambience, featuring a mix of great food, music, and dance. It’s a bit of a journey from the city centre but is considered a must-visit for anyone seeking a genuine taste of Colombia’s nightlife​​.


Morena, situated in the Zona T area, is known for its vibrant student nightlife. Located on the top floor of a building, it features two rooms catering to reggaeton and electronic music. The club’s ambience changes depending on the night, making it a dynamic and exciting destination for those looking to dance the night away​​.

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Quiebracanto in La Candelaria is the go-to place for salsa dancing. This club often charges an entry fee depending on the live band playing, but it’s usually quite affordable and is great for those looking to immerse themselves in the local salsa culture. Depending on the night, there may be live bands, and the club sometimes charges a small entry fee. It’s a favourite among locals and tourists alike, offering a lively and authentic salsa experience

Nightlife in Bogotá is an exhilarating mix of experiences, perfectly capturing the city’s vibrant and dynamic spirit. From the chilled-out vibes at Vista Corona, where you can sip cocktails against the backdrop of the city skyline, to the pulsating beats at El Coq, where night owls dance to electronic music, there’s an endless array of options. For craft beer enthusiasts, places like the Bogotá Beer Company offer a cosy, pub-like atmosphere to enjoy local brews.

Meanwhile, clubs like Kaputt bring together diverse crowds, blending eclectic music and lively ambience. In Bogotá, every evening promises a new adventure, whether you’re looking to relax in a rooftop bar or dance until dawn at a bustling club. This city truly caters to every taste, making “Nightlife in Bogotá” an unforgettable experience for travellers and locals alike.

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