Best Hotels in Salento, Colombia

Hotels in Salento

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Nestled in the heart of Colombia’s coffee region, Salento offers a tranquil escape with breathtaking landscapes and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. My journey through this picturesque town has led me to discover some of the best hotels in Salento, Colombia, each offering a unique blend of comfort, culture, and natural beauty.

Whether you’re seeking an intimate glamping experience or the rustic charm of a country lodge, this magical place has accommodations that promise an unforgettable stay.

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Where To Stay

Gue Guatok

Ideal for couples seeking solitude, Gue Guatok is a snug cabin enveloped by nature. Its setting is remarkable, with a plethora of birds and a nearby river, creating a serene backdrop for guests. The cabin, though compact, is well-equipped and pet-friendly, offering a rare blend of convenience and tranquility. The outdoor gas fireplace is perfect for enjoying Salento’s crisp evenings, making it a cosy retreat for those wishing to unwind in privacy​​.

Ecohotel Piedemonte

A haven for families, Ecohotel Piedemonte stands out with its eco-friendly approach and wooden architecture that harmonizes with its natural surroundings. Offering various accommodation options for groups, it also provides ample garden spaces for children to play. This hotel embodies peace, making it ideal for families looking to enjoy a blend of nature walks and relaxation​​.

Reserva Guadalajara

Capturing the essence of the coffee region’s country life, Reserva Guadalajara is a typical farm offering an authentic rural experience. With horseback rides and culinary delights like Lomo al trapo, guests can immerse themselves in the local culture and nature. Owned by the same family for over a century, it offers a unique stay between Salento and Valle de Cocora​​.

La Cabaña Ecohotel

Located strategically near Valle del Cocora, La Cabaña Ecohotel is the ideal lodge for those eager to explore the iconic wax palm trees and lush landscapes. Offering traditional country houses that provide a cozy, authentic stay, it’s perfect for guests seeking a more intimate connection with nature​​.

La Masia Salento

Situated just a few streets from the town centre, La Masia Salento offers comfortable accommodations with a great patio area for relaxation. Guests can enjoy a delectable breakfast featuring local delicacies, making it a cosy spot for those wishing to be close to Salento’s attractions​​.

Hotel Kawa Mountain Retreat

Nestled on the outskirts of Salento, this luxury lodge offers stunning mountain views and a blend of rustic charm and modern comforts. Ideal for romantic getaways, it features luxurious amenities like old-timey wooden tubs and a hot tub, making it a picturesque retreat close to town​​.

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Coffee Tree Boutique

For budget-conscious travellers seeking quality, Coffee Tree Boutique stands out. Located on the outskirts, it offers terrific views and a tranquil setting, with lovely grounds and well-furnished private rooms. It’s a great option for families or groups, offering a balance between affordability and comfort​​.

Glamping Lumbre

Offering a unique glamping experience near Cocora Valley, Glamping Lumbre is perfect for those looking to blend luxury with nature. These dome-style accommodations are becoming increasingly popular, providing a distinctive way to enjoy Salento’s natural beauty while maintaining comfort​​​​.

Hotel Salento Plaza

This hotel, housed in a building reminiscent of regional coffee fincas, offers a blend of modern comfort and rustic charm. Located close to the main square, its garden is an idyllic spot for relaxation. The hotel is suitable for various travellers, from single adventurers to families and groups, seeking an authentic Salento experience​​.

Terasu Hotel

As one of Salento’s newest hotels, Terasu Hotel stands out with its modern amenities and wooden construction. Featuring rooms with balconies and hammocks, it offers guests a peaceful stay with views of Salento. Located a short walk from the main square, it caters to those seeking comfort in a tranquil setting

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Concluding this journey, Salento has proven itself as not just a destination but a haven for those seeking to immerse themselves in Colombia’s breathtaking natural beauty and rich coffee culture. Each hotel offers a unique window into the soul of Salento, promising an experience that’s as rich and diverse as the town itself. Whether you’re drawn to the rustic charm of a cabin or the luxury boutique, your stay is bound to be unforgettable and you shouldn’t have any issues finding hotels in Salento.

To make the most out of your visit to Salento, don’t miss my comprehensive guide on the best things to do in Salento. Explore the vibrant activities and breathtaking sights that make this town a must-visit destination.

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