Best Restaurants in Medellin, Colombia

Restaurants in Medellin

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Embarking on a journey through Medellin’s vibrant culinary scene is an adventure in itself. As a city renowned for its rich culture and stunning landscapes, Medellín also boasts an incredible array of dining experiences that cater to every palate. In this guide, I’ll share my personal journey exploring the best restaurants in Medellín, a quest that introduced me to a world of flavours, from traditional Colombian dishes to innovative fusion cuisine.

Each restaurant and café I visited offered not just a meal, but a story, an insight into the heart and soul of Medellin. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveller, these eateries promise to elevate your experience in this beautiful city.

Join me as I delve into the best restaurants in Medellin, where every dish tells a tale of tradition, innovation, and passion. Welcome to the ultimate guide to restaurants in Medellín.

Top Restaurants in Medellin


Mondongo’s is an essential stop for anyone visiting Medellín, famous for its mondongo soup. This traditional Colombian dish, made with tripe, vegetables, and spices, is a hallmark of the restaurant. Mondongo’s embodies the essence of Medellín’s culinary heritage, offering a genuine and unforgettable dining experience.


Discover the delights of Peruvian cuisine at Rocoto. The menu dazzles with dishes like Tiradito Furikaka, a standout featuring fresh fish, citrus mayonnaise, and crispy salmon skin. For those preferring heartier fare, the Ceviche Saltado offers a unique take with a creamy sauce, yucca, and Peruvian creole sauce. Each dish here balances sourness and savoriness, reflecting the rich diversity of Peruvian flavours.

Cucayito Cocina Costeña

At Cucayito Cocina Costeña, dive into the heart of Colombian culinary traditions. Their ox tail sancocho, a popular Colombian soup, is a must-try. The restaurant’s inviting ambience complements its menu, which showcases a variety of local dishes, offering an authentic taste of Colombia’s coastal cuisine.

Parrilla Dejame Q’ Te Cuente

Parrilla Dejame Q’ Te Cuente is a culinary gem in Laureles, serving traditional Colombian dishes. The plato tipico, a customisable dish with various protein options, is a highlight. For a unique taste, try the lengua en salsa criolla, a Colombian-style beef tongue in a tomato-based creole sauce, reflecting the rich and diverse flavours of Colombia.

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Best Cafe in Medellin

Delmuri Cafe

Delmuri Cafe, nestled in Laureles, is a rustic haven for breakfast lovers and coffee enthusiasts. Known for its generous portions and vegan options, the cafe’s red velvet cake is a local favourite. Its welcoming atmosphere, complete with indoor and outdoor seating, makes it a perfect spot for a casual meal or a coffee break.

Urbania Cafe

Urbania Cafe in El Poblado is a paradise for coffee aficionados. Here, coffee brewing is an art, with a variety of beans and meticulous preparation. The cafe offers an immersive coffee experience, educating patrons about the coffee-making process. It’s a must-visit for those who appreciate the finer nuances of a great cup of coffee.

Cafe Velvet Medellin

Cafe Velvet Medellin in El Poblado offers a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for enjoying high-quality coffee. Famous for its huge cups of cappuccino and chococino, the cafe also provides vegan snacks and cakes. With comfortable seating and a welcoming vibe, it’s an ideal spot for reading, working, or simply unwinding.

Pergamino Cafe

Pergamino Cafe, a beloved coffee chain in Medellin, is known for its strong and almost bitter coffee blend, a true representation of Colombian flavours. Offering delicious cakes and breakfast options, it’s a popular spot among locals and digital nomads alike, known for its unique coffee blend and welcoming ambience.


MOARA Café in Poblado is a modern, minimalist coffee shop that stands out for its single-origin Colombian coffees. Enjoy a chat with knowledgeable baristas at the bar, or relax at the street-side tables. It’s a perfect destination for those seeking a quiet, quality coffee experience away from larger, busier cafes.

Selina Cafe

Selina Cafe, part of the Selina hostel chain in El Poblado, caters to the modern digital nomad and remote worker. With a vibrant atmosphere and quality coffee, it’s a great place for coworking, casual meetups, or enjoying a meal. The cafe embodies the hip, youthful spirit of Medellín’s cafe culture.

Café Noir

Café Noir in El Poblado offers an upscale coffee experience that doubles as a bar and restaurant. Its sophisticated ambience is perfect for business meetings or remote work, thanks to its fast WiFi. The cafe’s diverse coffee menu and luxurious decor make it a standout spot for a high-end coffee experience.

Medellín’s culinary landscape is as diverse and vibrant as the city itself. From the innovative Peruvian delights of Rocoto to the traditional Colombian flavours of Mondongo’s, each restaurant and café we’ve explored offers a unique window into the city’s rich gastronomic tapestry.

As you plan your culinary adventure through Medellín, remember that the city has much more to offer.

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